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By theoasissa2200697, Jun 19 2019 03:23PM

So I have been using the new Air Touch technique.

This technique uses air, versus teasing/backcombing, to create a seamless blend of color. Attributed to Vladimir Sarbashev, the colorist takes a section of hair with tension on the longest lengths, and uses a blow dryer to push the shorter hairs and internal layers down and out of the way. Color or lightener is then applied on the remaining hair.

The result? Absolutely blended coloring with natural-looking effects, paired with soft, dimension that will survive the grow-out.

In a traditional retouch where the hair was backcombed or teased prior to lightener being applied, the colorist then has to use a tail comb to re-weave that section to ensure the client doesn’t get too blonde over time or that color won’t overlap on previously lightened hair.

With Air Touch, as long as the colorist uses the same technique—tension on the perimeter lengths and using a blow dryer to push the shorter hairs or internal layering out of the way, only the new growth needs lightener—voila! Saving time for both the client and the colorist, and potential over-processing since you’re only hitting the virgin outgrowth.

(This post is from modern salon, I added a few things, but for the most part this is there explanation.)

Below is a picture of what air touch looks! (again this is from modern salon)

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By theoasissa2200697, Mar 11 2019 09:22PM

We have lots of guests here at the Oasis that want to be blonde. So how do you get to blonde the healthiest way possible?

Well, there are alot of factors that come into play when going blonde. So lets talk about a few of them so the next time you go into your color appointment you have an idea what your stylist will ask you.

1. When was the last time you had your hair colored?

2. What color product was used to achieve the look you currently have?

3. What is your year timeline of hair coloring? And did you ever use box color?

4. What products are you currently using on your hair?

5. How often do you heat style your hair?

5. Do you have hard water at home?

Now, these are simply a starting point on what your stylist will ask you before your color service. Why so indepth? When our clients want to go blonde we want to make sure we know EXACTLY what we are working with before we jump in and use bleach on your hair. The last thing that we want is for you to experience breakage in your blonde.

Also, remember the darker your hair is when you start the more reservations you will need to get your desired blonde look. We do not believe in making you blonde in one day. Its not healthy for you hair and that is our main prioity. When lifting dark hair it will go through stages of warm that it will need to break through. So when we tell you it will be at least 2-3 sessions to get your desired look we mean that.

The last thing that I will say about going blonde is this. Purple shampoo will NOT make your hair the level you are desiring. Yes, it will help bring out the warmth in the hair but it can't lift your hair to a higher level of blonde. So, dont over use things like purple shampoo hoping that you can get the desired blonde with it, because that will not happen, and you will most likely end up with a purple tint to your hair, which will rinse out in a few days but regardless it will still happen.

If you have any further questions about going blonde please don't hesitate to call us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

By theoasissa2200697, Feb 20 2019 04:39PM

This week we are going to be talking about salon updates. We are loving the new color scheme here at the oasis! Have you had time to come and check it out? We are currently painting our back salon walls and are already falling in love with the color! So please pardon our mess as we bring new life into our salon!

Other updates?

We are loving having our new team member nicole, who is a nail technician as well as an electrolysis technician!

We would love for you to come and meet her and see what a fabulous job she does with each and every guests!

We hope you are enjoying our little blog here on our website! We would love your feedback, so please comment a topic you would love for us to discuss here!

By theoasissa2200697, Feb 6 2019 05:27PM

There are many varying answers when asked this questions, but I am here to give you my professional opinion on the matter.

Before we get into how much you should pay there are a couple questions you need to take into consideration.

First- When was the last time you colored your hair, and was it professionally done or at home? If it was done at home how long ago was it done and what brand was used? (for example, when using feria or henna a stylists CANNOT bleach or perm your hair until the color is COMPLETELY out of your hair or your hair will fry due to the metalic dye in those types of box colors.

Second- How long do you like to spend on your hair when getting ready for the day?

Third- What types of products are you using on your hair? Are they salon quality or drugstore quality?

Fourth- Are you using a heat protectant when styling your hair? And if you are using hot tools what heat setting are you using?

Fifth and lastly for now- Do you have hard water at home? Are you currently pregnant or on any medications? (these things WILL affect your hair)

Ok, so your probably wondering why we started with those questions. Here is the deal. A great stylist WILL ask you questions just like the ones above. A great stylists will also explain in detail their answers. Now every stylist will vary to some extent on certain things, so just be aware of that. If you have been seeing a specific stylist and then can't get in with them and have to see someone different DO NOT expect the same from that newer to you stylist. Every stylist will get from point A to point B differently. But a great stylist will do it in the HEALTHIEST way possible for you.

So finally, how much should you pay when getting your hair done. Here is the truth. Every stylist and salon is completely different in how they will charge you. The level of education from the stylists will vary as well. Here's the hard truth, when it comes to how much you should pay. Some places you will pay 20-40 dollars for a shampoo/cut/style, other places you will pay 50-80 for a shampoo/cut/style. Why is that you ask?

Some of it has to do with the demographic of the area, larger populated areas will have lots of ranges on pricing, smaller populated areas for the most part try to stay pretty close to each other in pricing.

So to answer the above question. There is no one size fits all question. What you need to do is find a stylist who asks your the above questions, and explains and educates you on what they are going to do with your hair. Once you have found that stylist don't be afraid to ask about pricing BEFORE you start your service. And don't be afraid to ask why the pricing is that way, a great stylist won't be offended at all. They know their worth as a stylist and they are more than happy to explain it for you so you feel comfortable in their chair.

I hope this blog post was helpful to you! If you have any further question don't hesitate to call 920-262-2200!

By theoasissa2200697, Jan 21 2019 08:22PM

Lets start at the beginning. What is the All Soft Mega line? And who should use this hair care line?

The All Soft Mega line was created to be a more advanced way of getting moisture into your hair. It was created for those in mind who have coarse and unruly hair.

So, who should use it?

Anyone who has coarse and unruly hair. Anyone who has a hard to managing and taming their hair.

So what is the All Soft Mega Mask?

I think Redken explains it well.

"Treat yourself to a 10 minute moisture makeover at home. This weekly one-time use mask offers an intensive at-home treatment. Inspired by K-Beauty and trendy hydrating facial masks, the All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask delivers much-needed moisture to severely dry, coarse hair. It leaves hair with increased hydration and manageability."

Have questions concerning this mask? Drop a comment below!