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How much should you pay when getting your hair done?

By theoasissa2200697, Feb 6 2019 05:27PM

There are many varying answers when asked this questions, but I am here to give you my professional opinion on the matter.

Before we get into how much you should pay there are a couple questions you need to take into consideration.

First- When was the last time you colored your hair, and was it professionally done or at home? If it was done at home how long ago was it done and what brand was used? (for example, when using feria or henna a stylists CANNOT bleach or perm your hair until the color is COMPLETELY out of your hair or your hair will fry due to the metalic dye in those types of box colors.

Second- How long do you like to spend on your hair when getting ready for the day?

Third- What types of products are you using on your hair? Are they salon quality or drugstore quality?

Fourth- Are you using a heat protectant when styling your hair? And if you are using hot tools what heat setting are you using?

Fifth and lastly for now- Do you have hard water at home? Are you currently pregnant or on any medications? (these things WILL affect your hair)

Ok, so your probably wondering why we started with those questions. Here is the deal. A great stylist WILL ask you questions just like the ones above. A great stylists will also explain in detail their answers. Now every stylist will vary to some extent on certain things, so just be aware of that. If you have been seeing a specific stylist and then can't get in with them and have to see someone different DO NOT expect the same from that newer to you stylist. Every stylist will get from point A to point B differently. But a great stylist will do it in the HEALTHIEST way possible for you.

So finally, how much should you pay when getting your hair done. Here is the truth. Every stylist and salon is completely different in how they will charge you. The level of education from the stylists will vary as well. Here's the hard truth, when it comes to how much you should pay. Some places you will pay 20-40 dollars for a shampoo/cut/style, other places you will pay 50-80 for a shampoo/cut/style. Why is that you ask?

Some of it has to do with the demographic of the area, larger populated areas will have lots of ranges on pricing, smaller populated areas for the most part try to stay pretty close to each other in pricing.

So to answer the above question. There is no one size fits all question. What you need to do is find a stylist who asks your the above questions, and explains and educates you on what they are going to do with your hair. Once you have found that stylist don't be afraid to ask about pricing BEFORE you start your service. And don't be afraid to ask why the pricing is that way, a great stylist won't be offended at all. They know their worth as a stylist and they are more than happy to explain it for you so you feel comfortable in their chair.

I hope this blog post was helpful to you! If you have any further question don't hesitate to call 920-262-2200!

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