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Redken All Soft Mega Mask

By theoasissa2200697, Jan 21 2019 08:22PM

Lets start at the beginning. What is the All Soft Mega line? And who should use this hair care line?

The All Soft Mega line was created to be a more advanced way of getting moisture into your hair. It was created for those in mind who have coarse and unruly hair.

So, who should use it?

Anyone who has coarse and unruly hair. Anyone who has a hard to managing and taming their hair.

So what is the All Soft Mega Mask?

I think Redken explains it well.

"Treat yourself to a 10 minute moisture makeover at home. This weekly one-time use mask offers an intensive at-home treatment. Inspired by K-Beauty and trendy hydrating facial masks, the All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask delivers much-needed moisture to severely dry, coarse hair. It leaves hair with increased hydration and manageability."

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